Vishnu Mohanan

Vishnu Mohanan

List of Indian DIY Online Stores

Indian Online DIY Stores and Websites

When it comes to buying parts for your 3D printer or RC cars or even modules and sensors for your Arduino, Indian makers do not have that many choices that offer quality products for reasonable prices, compared to what available…

Are we in a simulation?


I‘ve heard people including Tesla Motors’ CEO, Elon Musk, say that we’re in a dream or simulation, matrix or something, that the universe as a whole is big computer simulation. Really? I’ve always wondered about such a possibility and the reason why people…

Why I love Arduino?

Arduino Uno Board

Why I love Arduino? I got to know Arduino even before I learned what a microcontroller was. I first saw Arduino when I was surfing the web three and a half years ago. I fell in love with it at…